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Admission Procedures

    Thank you for your interest in Santa Cruz Waldorf School. We invite you to gain an understanding and appreciation of Waldorf Education before you make the decision to apply to our school. We suggest the website of The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, or Waldorf Answers.

    We also invite you to visit our website and enjoy a tour of our beautiful campus.

  1. School Visit: Parents are encouraged to attend a group tour called "A Walk Though the Grades" or schedule a private tour of the school with the Director of Enrollment. (See Enrollment Events). New kindergarten parents are required to attend a "Morning in the Kindergarten". Please register for these events by calling our office at (831) 425-0519. All outreach events include an introduction to Waldorf Education.

  2. Application: Complete an application online through TADS. (click link below) A non-refundable, non-transferable fee of $60.00 must accompany the application for each student. When applying for Grades 2 through 8, you will be asked to release copies of school records and obtain a Teacher Recommendation from your child's current teacher.

  3. Interview Process: Upon receipt of your application, the Director of Enrollment or a class teacher will contact you to schedule an interview. All interviews are conducted by a class teacher. For kindergarten applicants, parents and child are interviewed by the kindergarten teachers for placement in any of the three kindergarten classes..

  4. Acceptance: Admission is open to all qualified students regardless of religious, social and racial background. For kindergarten applicants, the parent interview and the observations of the child during this interview assist us in forming a picture regarding admission and placement. For grades 2 through 8, acceptance is based on a review of academic records, personal interviews, teacher recommendations and a school visit. During this visit, the child may have a limited assessment. Faculty members make observations and provide feedback to the class teacher and an admissions decision is then made.

  5. Financial Aid: Any family requesting financial assistance must complete a TADS application. The tuition assistance is determined based upon financial need, available funds and the needs of the school. Assistance is only determined after the child has been accepted for enrollment, and all other forms and records are complete.
  • The Director of Enrollment will contact you to set up an Registration Meeting to finalize registration and at which time you will receive the Parent Handbook and a school roster.

  • Please direct any questions to Director of Enrollment, Deborah Lindsay. She is available to arrange private tours, answer your questions and offer further discussion. Contact her at 831-425-0519 or

  • Policy on Non-Discrimination
    The Santa Cruz Waldorf School welcomes students of any color, race, or sexual orientation, and ethnic, national, cultural, social or religious backgrounds. The school is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) educational organization.

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