Discover What Makes
a Waldorf Education Unique


We are surrounded by beauty.

The Santa Cruz Waldorf School is located on a hillside, surrounded by garden, stream, forest and meadow. Our campus is an invaluable resource to our Waldorf approach to nature awareness walks and classes. Click here to read more about our campus.

We care for others and our environment.

The Waldorf curriculum forms an ideal framework for social and intellectual growth. Our school culture values social and environmental responsibility, reflecting the progressive and culturally diverse Santa Cruz area. Children do meaningful work indoors (sweeping, mending, cleaning) as well as outdoors in the the yard and garden (pruning, weeding, planting, composting, harvesting). Children are taught to work for the love of work and for others, to enjoy the strength of their bodies and their connection to the earth and each other. Click here to take a look at our garden.

We learn with all our senses.

The curriculum is immersive and multi-modal, integrating music with math, art with history, not as separate topics, but aspects of the same fabric of knowledge. In each grade, the focal point of learning takes place during the 'Morning Lesson'. Here the class teacher presents in blocks of three to four weeks, major concepts in the various disciplines: math, science, history and literature. A host of dedicated specialty teachers work tirelessly alongside class teachers to provide students with diverse experiences in language, movement, music, arts, athletics and gardening.

A child educated at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School emerges thoughtful and self-possessed, with a rich trove of hands-on learning experiences, and a habit of responsible decision-making. Click here to read more about our Academic Program.

We use our hands skillfully.

Santa Cruz Waldorf School provides a well-funded, robust practical arts program, including knitting, sewing, woodworking, and metalsmithing. Students do beautiful work that is a lasting source of satisfaction. The practice imbues students with patience, attention to detail, manual dexterity, and self sufficiency. Read more about our arts and practical arts program.

We work together in harmony.

Our school works together as a community. Students, teachers, parents, and staff come together to make The Santa Cruz Waldorf School a truly exceptional experience.

We discover for ourselves.

Our exceptional faculty cultivate student’s interest in the class material, engaging them to form their own ideas and opinions as new concepts are introduced. This independence of thought and the experience of being valued as an individual within the group form a foundation of confidence and self-worth that shine in a Waldorf student.

We are the stars of the show!

Speech, poetry recitation and dramatic presentation are used throughout the Waldorf curriculum. A dramatic presentation provides children the venue to make an offering to the community and to shine in their work. The Santa Cruz Waldorf School offers students and their families a true sense of community through a rich variety of academic, cultural and social events. Click here to read more about our drama program.

We are loved and celebrated for who we are.

A Waldorf education is guided by the tenet that a teacher’s most important goal is to support the development of a child’s unique individual capacities. By paying close attention to the developmental needs of children at each age, a Waldorf education seeks to nurture the gifts that each child brings to the world.

A unique aspect of a Waldorf grade school is the class teacher. The class teacher ideally remains with his or her students from first through eighth grade. This system allows the teacher to grow along with the students and facilitates a strong bond of trust between students, parents and teacher.

We love to learn.

Little wonder that Waldorf graduates transition effectively to higher education and integrate smoothly into diverse work environments. Our graduates span the globe and fill every imaginable profession, working creatively and intelligently to bring about positive change in the world.