Students at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School become comfortable with dramatic presentation from the earliest ages. Puppet plays and spontaneous songs and performances in kindergarten and lower grades make way for more serious class plays in the middle school. Students present musical, poetic and movement offerings each year at all school assemblies. Parents become involved with many aspects of class performances, particularly in the area of costume and set design.

Speech, poetry recitation and dramatic presentation are used quite often throughout the Waldorf curriculum. Drama affords the students with the unique opportunity to strengthen who they are and to understand who they are not. A dramatic presentation also provides children the venue to make an offering to the community and to shine in their work.

Kindergarten fairytale stories are often performed in small plays for several days in a row with different children playing different roles and some providing an audience. In the grades, typically each class performs a play related to the curriculum.

Thus a fourth grade will perform a piece from Norse mythology, a seventh grade will perform a Renaissance piece, eighth grades often perform Shakespearean plays. These plays are usually performed for parents on the school campus. The eighth grade play is a culminating event at the completion of elementary school and is often performed at a larger off-campus venue with ticket sales revenue helping to fund the eighth grade class trip.

Dramatic Performance


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