Music is a key component of Waldorf Education.  Like the other arts, it is fully integrated into the daily routine and the teaching of any and every subject. Teachers go to great lengths to search out or to create songs appropriate to whatever subject they are teaching, and to introduce music for or from every possible culture and historical period.

Singing in the Kindergarten is woven into “ring time” and is also used by the teacher throughout the day to bring rhythm and ease transitions from one activity to another. Students sing in every elementary grade both with their class teacher and with other class teachers who share their musical gifts with the whole school. Singing also assists students in their foreign language classes.

Children are introduced to pentatonic flutes and recorder playing in the early elementary grades and stringed instruments beginning in fourth grade.

Every student has the opportunity to study either violin or cello as part of our strings program.  In middle school, there is also the opportunity to join the orchestra, which is lead by outstanding professional musicians.